Best Sleep Sacks for Toddlers

Your baby is looking more and talking more like a little toddler these days, and you may be in the exciting new phase of trying new foods, learning new words, climbing new things, and thinking about upgrading the bedtime routine to match their busy little bodies. As you’re enjoying all of these changes, you probably have some questions. If your baby has been using a sleep sack, but it’s starting to feel a little small, you may ask, is it safe for a toddler to wear a sleep sack? Yes! Let’s look at some of the best sleep sacks for toddlers on the market and how to decide which one is right for your little one. 

When Can My Baby Use a Blanket in Bed?

For the first year of life, we are very aware that loose blankets, toys, or pillows in the crib are not considered safe sleep, but after about 12 months old, it’s considered safe for you to introduce a blanket to your little one. If you’d like to introduce a blanket, you can start by gently encouraging one during nap time and keep it close by if they get upset or need comforting during the day. Kids always know if something is too important to you, so keep it cool and be casual so they think it’s their idea! Once your little one decides the blanket is welcome in the bed, odds are they won’t keep it on all night because, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, toddlers are very active sleepers. Continue to dress them as if they had no blanket in bed; blankets are for cuddling, not for practical warmth.

Sleep Sacks for Everyone!

Parents love sleep sacks as a great way to transition out of the swaddle, and there are sizes for toddlers, which means you can use your sleep sack for quite a while. Why would you continue to use a sleep sack?

  • Keeps your little one warm during the cold months or a heavily air-conditioned home
  • Some toddlers use the sleep sack as a security blanket
  • Can prevent climbing out of the crib
  • It provides a visible cue that it’s time for bed

Ensure the sleep sack fits appropriately, and your little one is comfortable moving around in their crib with it on. You can use a sleep sack until you transition to a toddler bed! There are plenty of options out there when it comes to baby and toddler supplies, so here are a few things to consider when choosing a sleep sack.

  1. Style- Zippers, snaps, buttons oh my! You’ll want to look for a sleep sack that considers how easy it will be to get your toddler in and out of it, as well as change diapers or go potty.
  1. Mobility- When your little one starts walking, you’ll want to consider how much mobility you’d like them to have. Sleep sacks can help prevent your toddler from climbing out of the crib, but it is also challenging to walk in. If you’d like your child to wander around for a while in the sleep sack, a footed option may be better for you.
  1. Thermal Overall Guide- The TOG is a number that describes the warmth of the sleep sack. Depending on your climate and home temperature, you’ll want to know how warm or cool your baby is sleeping. 
  2. Weight- Some sleep sacks offer a weighted design, much like a weighted blanket. Keep in mind that the AAP does not recommend weighted sleep sacks. 

Best Sleep Sacks for Toddlers

  1. Back Zip Bag– This sleep sack was designed specifically with toddlers in mind! It zips in the back, which makes it more difficult to remove for those more mischievous friends. The fabric is lightweight and breathable bamboo and cotton, which makes it nice and easy for your little one to move freely and avoid overheating.
  1. Econolino Organic Cotton Toddler Sleep Bag or Sack– The two-way zipper on this sleep sack makes it very convenient for zipping either up or down, and it is 100% cotton and very soft for optimum comfort. It comes with a 6-month warranty and is available in 3 sizes.
  1. Toddler Sleep Sack 2T-3T wearable with feet– This is a footie option if your little one is more mobile at night or has already transitioned to a toddler bed. Made with breathable organic cotton, it regulates your child’s temperature and prevents tripping with its open-foot design.
  2. HALO Sleep sack– Recommended after the Halo Swaddle, this 100% cotton sleep sack is used by over 2,000 hospitals and is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for healthy hip development. It offers more length than other sleep sacks to allow for longer use before your child is ready to transition up.

These are just a few of my favorite sleep sacks available for toddlers. There are many more to choose from, but it helps to start somewhere. Toddlerhood comes with many new phases and transitions, some of which can be overwhelming! Setting boundaries and being consistent helps bedtime battles big time. So, while looking for new sleep sacks, do your best to keep the rest of the bedtime routine calm and consistent. 

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