Who am i?

My name is Stephanie Hewitt, a certified Sleep Sense Consultant,

I am a postpartum parent educator and sleep consultant who offers private coaching to families with children from newborn through teen years. I work with families all over the world to help parents reduce anxiety, find a schedule that works for them, and communicate effectively with their children. I am a certified in pediatric sleep hygiene, postpartum health, baby-led weaning, toddler behavior modification and positive parenting.

I love my four beautiful children and want to support you in finding joy on your parenting journey.

My story

The Sleep Journey is Different for every child…

Being a parent is about love, sacrifice, knowledge and experience..

I want to share my knowledge and experience with your family so that you can all get the rest you need. Sleep helps everything. Problems can be solved, relationships enjoyed and days cherished when family members are well rested. I can’t wait to help your family feel rested and achieve your sleep goals.