Pinpoint Coaching

These sessions typically address or target a specific issue like short naps, early wakings, or struggles to settle at bedtime and are not meant to cram three weeks of private coaching into a single phone call.

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Is a Pinpoint Coaching Session right for you?

Your little one has been sleeping great but now they’ve learned a new skill and are waking up periodically throughout the night.

You know your baby is ready to drop a nap but you just can’t get the schedule right and it’s causing bedtime battles.

Going on vacation was great but now that you’re home you just can’t reset into your familiar routine.

These struggles are normal and usually only take a little bit of time and patience to fix. A pinpoint coaching session can get you back on track and relieve the anxiety that comes from losing sleep, especially when you are all used to restful nights.


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Through calming routines leading to serene nights, my goal is to equip you with customized approaches that enhance tranquil sleep and foster cherished moments of connection.