Toddler and School Age Children

From transitioning to a big kid bed to managing bedtime battles, our specialized coaching programs are designed to address the specific sleep needs of  your kids.

what it is for?

Are after-school commitments causing bedtime to be a concern?

You may be feeling burnt out by bedtime battles and constant boundary-pushing. You may be frustrated and wondering if your child will ever sleep past 5 am again. You may be feeling discouraged that your child gets out of their own bed repeatedly in the night. You may be feeling anxious that their immune system isn’t fighting off all of the germs at daycare or school because they just aren’t getting enough sleep.

I’m here to help!

I can answer your questions and relieve your mind. I will create a plan that is just for your family and help you implement a schedule that will complement your family dynamic. No 2 families are the same and no 2 sleep plans should be the same. This is not a one size fits all approach. I am here to meet your needs and your baby’s needs to get you all the sleep you deserve.


Ready to Feel Amazing and Get Some Sleep?

How it works

Transforming Sleepless Nights into Peaceful Slumbers

Connect with Me

I start with a free sleep assessment to discuss your unique situation and hear all about your concerns and goals. We can decide if the support I offer is a good fit for your family. This call also allows me to outline the support I can give you and the commitment I make to you on your journey to better sleep.


After you determine which sleep package best suits your needs I will send you a more detailed questionnaire so I can create a customized plan that fits your specific parenting style and goals.


Next we will schedule a 90-minute zoom private zoom consultation to jump into the sleep plan and get you started on the road to better sleep.


Your private sleep coaching begins! I am there with you along the way to answer any questions and ensure you are reaching the goals we set together. I am confident in my ability to help you feel rested and confident to provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

Soothing Dreams Start Here. Nurturing Family Sleep with Care

Through calming routines leading to serene nights, my goal is to equip you with customized approaches that enhance tranquil sleep and foster cherished moments of connection.